The 1925 Brewing Company. Ba Xian Tea Lager ~ P11

the 1925 ba xian

The 1925 Brewing Company. Ba Xian Tea Lager ~ P11


Type Light

Lager | 330ml | ABV 4.8%

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This limited edition lager is brewed to not only celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, but also to celebrate our heritage; serving also as an open invitation to all and partake in our festivities. Tea is synonymous with the Mid Autumn Festival, hence we brewed this lager using only the best dancong oolong tea, 八仙 (ba xian); a leaf that is only served to the most distinguished guests.

The lager is light and refreshing to taste with a heady aroma and notes of osmanthus flowers, nectarine and honey. Taking a sip of this divine brew is certainly like flying in heaven’s garden together with the legendary Eight Immortals.

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