Taiwan Head Brewers Taiwan Plum Ale

Taiwan Head Brewers. Vernal Equinox Taiwan Plum Ale ~ P8


Type Medium
Fruit Beer | 330ml | ABV 6.5%

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“Chunfen” means “Mid Spring” or “Vernal Equinox” and marks the midway point of the spring and is the growing season for many animals and plants on the planet, including plums that have been used for making plum wine in Asia for centuries. We, as brewers, feel it is our responsibility to make a great beer with this beautiful gift from Mother Earth.

To brew Chunfen Taiwan Plum Ale, we blend wart with plum wine made with locally-grown green plums and ferment it with champagne yeast to create a sparkling wine- like ale. This beer is refreshing and full of fruity and perfumy plum aroma and flavors, and represents what a perfect spring should taste like.