Pirate Life North West Pale Ale

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Pirate Life North West Pale Ale


Type Light
Pale Ale| 355ml | ABV 5.8 %

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“When North West IPAs started arriving in Australia from the U.S. a decade ago, so many of them were toast. Cooked. Cardboard. Hop volatiles destroyed. Ironically, these flaws were often seen by consumers as intentional stylistic choices. Ooft. By the time Aussy craft breweries hit their stride, we had swiftly adopted new world techniques, emulating bright, hop driven West Coast style Pales and IPAs. This North West is paying homage to the style so many never got to try in its prime…and it’s a doozy.”
– Red, Co-Founder, Head Recipe Writer

Enjoy the unique characteristics of the Sabro hop varietal here in full effect. Tangerine, soft coconut and feijoa prick ones curiosity, while fresh pine needle and pineapple taffy round out an intricate bouquet.

As you contemplate the aromatic awakening that has just taken place, It’s worth noting this beer’s striking colour. Those beautiful sunset flames and deep copper hues are indicative of carefully selected specialty malts. Ok, ok, time to taste…

Caramel malt, toffee dipped stone fruit and freshly baked Anzac biscuit with coconut give you something remarkable to chew on. It’s clean yet decadent. Fresh yet bold. Notes of resinous pine tie seamlessly to a fine back palate bitterness, both gently subsiding in a truly elegant finish.

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